The City of Vidalia has always taken pride in its recreation opportunities throughout the past.  Many outstanding athletes began their careers on Vidalia’s ball fields and courts.  Due to the excitement that surrounds recreation in our area the existing recreation spaces throughout Concordia Recreation District 3 became too small and in many cases outdated to accommodate our local interests and depleted any chances of vying for regional or state tournament play.  It was with this reality that the City of Vidalia began working with Concordia Recreation District 3 to improve recreational opportunities to our area by upgrading and replacing the outdate facilities and develop a comprehensive, centralized complex that accommodates all ages and all recreational activities, all while making the complex competitive for state and regional tournaments for a variety of sports.  

                    Planning for this project began in 2008 when 75 acres of land was purchased and continued in 2011 with a public groundbreaking of the new city park and recreation complex.  The property chosen sits adjacent to US Highway 84, which minimizes traffic throughout our residential areas and provides easy visibility and access to visiting teams.  The property also surrounds the newly constructed Municipal Complex which houses Vidalia City Hall, Vidalia Police Department and Vidalia Fire Department.  Proximity to these facilities allows for increased security throughout the complex.  

Concordia Recreation District 3 was held  responsible for providing:

4 Baseball Fields

3 Softball Fields

Batting Cages

1 Tee ball Field

1 Coach Pitch Field

12 Tennis Courts

2 Soccer Fields

2 Concession/Press Box buildings

The City of Vidalia contributed to these facilities by providing the infrastructure needed (i.e. Electrical, Water/Sewer, Drainage, Streets, WiFi, etc.) and adequate parking areas to support the complex.