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Aldermen and Town Council 

Vidalia Town Council Members

The City of Vidalia Town Council is made up of 5 Alderman. They each serve a district of Vidalia and are voted on by the people of their district. They serve a term of four years before re-election. The Town Council meet the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers located in City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.


To be on the agenda, you must contact the Town Clerk by e-mail,,  or drop off your request at City Hall by Friday before the meeting. We ask that you give your name, address, and the reason for your request. If this pertains to a company or business, please add that information as well.


Jon Betts - Alderman 

Rosa I. Demby - Alderwoman 

Robert Gardner - Alderman 



Brent Smith - Alderman



Tommy Probst - Alderman 


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