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Streets and Sanatation

Lee Staggs
Department Supervisor

The Street and Sanitation Department of the Town of Vidalia is one of the services that makes Vidalia a great place to live. With twenty-three dedicated employees they handle a myriad of responsibilities for the citizens of Vidalia.


This department handles all of the repair of the streets in Vidalia. This also includes the sweeping of streets, as well as their own maintenance of the street vehicles. They also make City signs, and replace signs for the State of Louisiana inside the City limits of Vidalia.



On any given day you will see these employees out working on various duties like raking leaves from the drains. They keep an eye out and inspect all of the cities drains to prevent from clogging in rainy weather. They have to inspect and maintain the drainage for the city. Limb pickup/chipping also falls under this department.  Our garbage collection is curb-side service, with the elderly and handicapped getting special treatment by "back door pickup". 

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