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Utility Department

501 Sycamore Street

Vidalia, LA 71373


Office Hours 6:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday


The City of Vidalia owns and operates four utilities; Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer. 

In case of a power outage, a suspected gas leak, or a sewer or water problem, please call our office for assistance.  Our normal operating hours are 6:00-3:00 Monday—Friday. After hours, you may call the same number (318-336-6257) and calls are automatically transferred to the Vidalia Police Department (318-336-5254). We have employees on stand-by in all four departments for any emergency concerning your utilities.  

The Electric Department is responsible for the distribution of power purchased from LEPA. We have two electric sub-stations, one on Logan Sewell Drive with a 67 mega watt capacity out put, and a second sub-station currently under construction that will have a capacity of 37 mega watts. We manage approximately 2,200 services throughout our town and this department is well known for quick response time for power outages and restoration.  

The Gas Department is responsible for the distribution of gas within the Town of Vidalia.  The gas is bought from Mid-Louisiana Gas Pipeline at two purchase points, Whitehall Plantation and Taconey.  The responsibility of the gas crew include maintaining & operating seven regulator stations, three odorizers, 41 miles of main and 1,950 services. Every member of the Gas Department has been trained according to the Federal DOT operator Qualification Program.  

The Water Department is responsible for our town's drinking water. The source of our water comes from three ground water wells. The water treatment plant can treat up to 1 MGD and our water storage capacity is 750,000 gallons with two elevated tanks. This department manages and maintains the water distribution system. Every water department employee is certified by the Department of Health and Hospitals. 

The Sewer Department is responsible for managing and maintaining the wastewater collection and treatment system. The treatment plant consists of 44 acres of aerated lagoon and 10 acres of overflow lagoon. This department oversees and maintains the town's entire sewer system. Every sewer department employee is certified by the Department of Health and Hospitals. 

Cornell Lewis 

Utility Superintendent 

Keith Graves
Supervisor of Electric Department

John Brixey 

Supervisor of Water and Sewer Departments

Eddie Beach 

Supervisor of Gas Department

Benton Finlay

Supervisor of Water Plant

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